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Industrial Evaporators
A wide range of evaporators are offered by us. These are broadly used in food processing industry to remove some amount of a liquid content from solid food products, which enhances the taste and quality of the food products.
Industrial Dryers
As the name of the devices suggest, Dryers are used to dehydrate food products. This process of drying inhibits the growth of microorganisms and often considered as the final step of the processing before packaging.
Extractors Machine
Extractors are widely used in the food processing industry for the extraction of essential soluble components from raw materials. This process of extraction includes primary dissolving, separation and recovery of invaluable constituents from the liquid.
Milk Tanks
We are offering a wide variety of Milk Tanks, such as Milk Tanker and Road Milk Tanker. These tanks are used to preserve milk and keep its essential components intact by providing it an accurate temperature.
Ribbon Blender
Ribbon Blenders are widely applicative in food industry for various purposes ranging from, mixing, dry blending, powder induction, emulsification, dissociation to dispersion. These are often used for coloring flour, getting coffee, spices etc.
Food Processing Equipment
Our clients can avail a wide variety of quality Food Processing Equipment from us. These equipment serve multiple functions, like measuring the raw materials, preparation of the food products, storage of prepared, packaging and others.
Fruits and Vegetables Processing Plants
As fruits and vegetables are one of the main dietary sources for the human body, so they need to be processed very carefully. Processing enhances their shelf life and retained their essential nutritive components.
Distillery Effluent Handling Projects
We are providing zero effluent discharge plant and raw spent wash under this category of Distillery Effluent Handling Projects. These projects process the formation of alcohol on a large scale.
Instant Tea And Coffee Powder Plant
Tea Coffee Powder Plant is widely used to prepare coffee and tea powder from coffee beans and tea leaves respectively. This process of preparation includes, extraction, separation, spray drying, evaporation, aroma recovery and others.
Sparkler Filter
Sparkler Filter is a filtration device which gives non contaminated final products and microbes free final product. We are providing a wide range of this device in different specifications for different industrial purposes.
Milk Processing Plants
Milk Processing Plants include all the essential processes operations of milk, like pasteurization, heat treatments, separating, homogenization to the production of milk products. These plants have reduced the work load and help in getting quality products.